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AML Made Easy

We focus on your AML requirements so you don't have too. By specialising and making use of an array of tools and databases, we customise the AML experience specifically for the Real Estate industries unique needs. 

Our Core AML Services: 

What We Do


Analysis of Multi-Layered Corporate Structures 

We have the expertise to analyse complex company structures providing transparency on ownership and source of funds. 

Biometric ID Verification Technology

A hassle free solution so you can identify customers you are not able to meet in person.

AML Self Service Portal With Full Access to Data

Highly Trained AML Analyst Team

Our dedicated team carry out the onboarding process, searching, reviewing, and contacting customers and clients.

Data Collection for CDD from Beginning to End

We offer a variety of AML service options so you can focus on your business and customers. 

Identity Checks

With secure data storage and speedy onboarding we make identity checks quick and easy. 

AML Consulting 

We provide specialist AML consulting services to support your business with AML reviews and updates. 

AML Training

Choose from online or in-house AML training, or we can customise to suit your needs. 

What Our Customers Are Saying

"The TIC Company operates with professionalism and an unbiased approach, they communicate promptly to us, providing a clear understanding of AML/CFT requirements. I have no hesitation in recommending the TIC Co. AML obligations through the TIC Co. are not as complicated as we first thought, and through outsourcing with TIC as our AML/CFT agent we are covered you for things that we may not pick up on. The TIC Company's best practice approach ensures we are compliant first time, instead of headaches later."


Why Choose TIC For Your AML Needs

We make it easy with customised CDD online submission forms

In consultation with our real estate clients, we launched online CDD submission forms that specifically cater to the realities of working in the real estate sector. 

The form guides the agents through the CDD process, helping them accurately collect the required information. It can be completed on the road whilst with the vendor - it's so fast requests are usually completed by the time the agent gets back to the office. 

Our AML expertise means less burden on you

We created and manage New Zealand's largest designated business group (DBG) in Real Estate - with over 100 members. 

Membership allows businesses to share their AML/CFT burden in key areas such as documentation, processes, record keeping and customer due diligence, saving you money, creating a consistent customer experience for your vendors and reducing legal and reputational risk. 

We keep things secure and streamlined with out AMLOnline Portal

Our AMLOnline Portal hosts all your record keeping and identity checks in one place, updating in real time. More than just a document management system or an eIDV provider - it is an entire online AML ecosystem. 

Awarded with the Privacy Trust Mark you can be sure information is stored with all the security and privacy required to keep your records safe.

We are AML industry leaders

As AML experts we regularly host events and recently co-hosted a real estate symposium with the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) to provide attendees with AML/CFT information and real life examples of money laundering involving New Zealand property. 

These events help give your real estate compliance teams and business owners the opportunity to interact directly with the FIU and get important questions answered.  

We fight to make AML compliance easier for your business

We continue to lobby alongside our clients for improvements to be made to the AML/CFT regime. This has included advocating for changes to be made to the requirements for commercial real estate transactions. 

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