Keep your AML obligations on track with our range of easy to use AML resources.

AML/CFT Essentials

These AML cheat sheets provide a handy reference to the essentials of AML and CFT. 

Know Your Customer (KYC)

The six steps to knowing your customer (KYC).

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Record Keeping

The essential requirements of record keeping for AML.  

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AML/CFT Legislation

A very brief overview of the AML/CFT legislation. 


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AML/CFT Fact Sheet

The most important facts to know about AML/CFT in New Zealand.


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Standard CDD

This guide provides a checklist of activity for what you need to do to identify your customer. 

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Customer Due Diligence At Your Fingertips

With five different types of customer due diligence, these guides provide details on how to complete different types of CDD requests.

Simplified CDD

If a risk assessment has shown a low risk of money laundering you may only need to identify your customer following the simplified CDD process. 

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Enhanced CDD

If a risk assessment has shown a high risk of money laundering you may need to carry out extra measures to identify your customer and source of funds. 

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Delayed CDD

Generally you must not start work until customer identity has been verified and filed, however, in some circumstances you may be able to. 

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Ongoing CDD

Ongoing CDD of customers is essential to comply with AML/CFT regulations.

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Non-Compliance In AML

Spotting non-compliance can be tricky. This guide will help keep you on track.


Symptoms of Non-Compliance

This guide provides a checklist of symptoms which indicate you are not adhering to AML requirements. 

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Extra AML/CFT Information

Money Laundering Basics

This document highlights the basic money laundering process and what to look for. 

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Drug and Fraud Offending in New Zealand

This guide details how to avoid becoming victim to drug and fraud offending. 

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Need More Help?

If you need more comprehensive training we have a range of of AML training courses available, or if you want a bit more support and guidance we provide AML consulting services to all types of businesses including law firms, accountants, real estate, and financial services. 

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