Our bespoke services means we can take care of all your anti-money laundering requirements.  









How We Can Help

We can help you with customer due diligence, identity checks, biometrics, training, and more. We use different tools depending on your industry so we can create an AML solution specific to your business or individual needs. 

Customer Due Diligence

We can take the pain out of meeting your AML requirements by helping you conduct complete background checks on individuals, while also coaching and advising you on ongoing obligations.

Onboarding and KYC Compliance 

We take care of your obligation needs.

  • Provide recommendations and assessment of customers, together with a fee to allow disbursement. 

  • Maintain detailed records of activities carried out for auditing purposes. 

  • Provide advice and support in the event of an unusual customer situation.

AML/CFT Entity Kickstart 

We act as your KYC coach.

  • Work with Compliance Officers from many reporting entities to onboard thousands of customers.  

  • Review your compliance programme, terms of trade, privacy, and other business policies to ensure they meet standards and allow for the appointment of an agent. 

Meet Your Ongoing Obligations 

We deliver the reports you need.

  • Assist with advice and reporting to get set up and meet ongoing obligations - saving time and money. 

  • Quarterly report on activity to help drive internal oversight processes.  

  • A yearly report to help you fill in your annual return. 

  • Support your audit process every two years.

We create customer due diligence forms, as well as coaching and training programmes specifically for your industry, whether you're a law firm, accountancy, financial services provider, or a real estate agency

Email or call us on 0800 115 121 to discuss your customer due diligence requirements. 


Identity Checks

It is easy to carry out Electronic Identification Verification (eIDV) with our award winning self-service identification tool. 

It takes just three easy steps: 

  1. ​Enter customer details ​​​

  2. Details are ran through trusted data sources 

  3. An eIDV report is delivered to Compliance Officer  

 or call 0800 115 121 for details. 



If you have not met with your customers and are unable to confirm their identity, we can provide you with a hassle-free solution.

Here's how it works: 

  1. We provide your customer with a link which prompts them to take pictures of their face and identification documents 

  2. This identification data is then automatically extracted via OCR

  3. Images are matched for liveness and likeness 

  4. Results are delivered to you in the AMLOnline Portal 



We can provide you with the data you require for your annual report through our award winning AMLOnline Portal. We also run annual report workshops to take you through the requirements for your annual report, and go over any questions your Compliance Team might have.

AML Training 

Choose the anti-money laundering training options which suits you. 

  • In-house Training: preset modules, annual packages, bespoke sessions

  • Remote Training: webinars or video conferencing to enable customised delivery

  • Online Learning: e-training modules, workbooks, courses for AML staff to learn at their own pace 

  • Workshops and Seminars: we offer workshops to ensure clients are up to date with all AML/CFT changes

AML Consulting

Our expert team of AML consultants can work with you on all your AML/CFT requirements.  

  • Review AML documentation: support you with reviews and and updates to AML documentation

  • Specialist AML/CFT advice: advice on compliance with high risk clients

  • Formation of designated business groups (DBGs)

AML Service Options

Fully Outsourced AML

A full service AML option means we take care of all your anti-money laundering obligations. We use an array of tools and databases to create smarter interactions and reduce the impact the AML process has on your business and customers. 

Hybrid AML 

Get the best of both worlds. Use the AMLOnline Portal to make the most of our self service but lean on us for support for those trickier CDD cases. It's easy to get in touch with our specialist AML team through the AMLOnline Portal

Self Service AML

Get instant results at a low cost with our self service tool. You can conduct your own Electronic Identity Verification (eIDV) checks, Politically Exposed Persons (PEP) checks, and Sanction screening. 

Our Clients

People choose The TIC Co. because we provide a great service, a speedy resolution to applications, and are secure and effective. 

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"We could not be more pleased with  the assistance we have received in the refinement of our AML/CFT regime and in our ongoing AML operations."


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