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Our Leadership Team


Alice Tregunna

Chief Executive Officer


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Alice is a CAMS certified anti-money laundering professional with a PhD specialising in women leaders of criminal organisations. Alice has a wealth of international experience. Originally from the UK, she now lives in New Zealand (via the Netherlands, Finland, US and Macedonia) and continues to set benchmarks in the AML/CFT sector. She was a key founding member of the Trust, Integrity and Compliance Company ("TIC Company") and the ATTIC Research Institute. Currently she holds the position of CEO at the TIC Company, balancing this with her role as a lecturer at the University of Auckland and working in an advisory capacity on AML to multiple other agencies. Alice is committed to setting benchmarks and driving best practice across the AML/CFT industry.


Jerome Cookson

Chief Operating Officer

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Jerome has taken a step out of the Corporate world and joined The TIC Co as Chief Operating Officer. This is one of the major steps Jerome has taken over recent years, following his move from the UK to New Zealand over 10 years ago. As a semi professional footballer, while in the UK, Jerome developed a drive and  determination to succeed across all aspects of life.


Jerome is passionate about building strong foundations to leverage the strengths of all those he interacts with. By implementing structure and support systems Jerome uses these to elevate the performance and confidence of the teams he leads.


Jerome brings a depth of AML / CFT knowledge from his years working in the Retail Banking and Financial industries. He has a calm operating style which supports the fast paced environment that TIC Co operates in.


Having led Operations and Client Onboarding teams, Jerome is focused on the customer experience and ensuring that TIC Co continues to offer customer focused solutions.


In Jerome’s non-work time you will find him at a sports field or spending time with his gorgeous family.


Nicolas Charles
Operations and Business Development Manager

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Nicolas has been working in the finance and banking industry for nearly ten years. During this time Nick has been directly involved in the application of AML verification and compliance.


With a bachelor of commerce majoring in accounting and business management Nick is able to apply his studies and experience to implement and improve AML project processes.


Nick brings to TIC Co. a strong mindset and commitment to the work that TIC Co. does to help drive AML best practice.

AML Analysts

We have a dedicated team of CDD Analysts who carry out the onboarding processes, searching, reviewing, and contacting clients and customers.

Find out more about the AML/CFT world from trusted experts at our AML/CFT Updates page.


Interested in Joining the Team?

If you are interested in being a part of our team, please email us your cover letter and CV.