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Below are just some of the ways we can help with your AML requirements 

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AML Made Easy

We know different industries have unique needs when it comes to meeting their AML obligations. This is why we have created an array of tools and databases each customised for a specific industry, saving time and money. 

Our core AML Services: 

What We Do


Analysis of Multi-Layered Corporate Structures 

We have the expertise to analyse complex company structures providing transparency on ownership and source of funds. 

Biometric ID Verification Technology

A hassle free solution so you can identify customers you are not able to meet in person.

AML Self Service Portal With Full Access to Data

Highly Trained AML Analyst Team

Our dedicated team carry out the onboarding process, searching, reviewing, and contacting customers and clients.

Data Collection for CDD from Beginning to End

We offer a variety of AML service options so you can focus on your business and customers. 

Identity Checks

With secure data storage and speedy onboarding we make identity checks quick and easy. 

AML Consulting 

We provide specialist AML consulting services to support your business with AML reviews and updates. 

AML Training

Choose from online or in-house AML training, or we can customise to suit your needs. 

What Our Customers Are Saying

"Most importantly we are confident that our processes are compliant and resilient. We recently engaged an external audit which was highly complimentary of the firm's AML/CFT environment and compliance in all respects."


Why Choose TIC For Your AML Needs

We make it easy with customised CDD online submission forms

In consultation with our law clients we created online CDD submission and request forms specifically designed for the legal sectors unique needs. The specially designed forms make it easier for the user to gather the information they need and risk assessments can be completed with ease.

Bespoke AML training just for you

We create fit-for-purpose training series, webinars, and in-house programmes specifically for your needs. Training is recorded in the training registers housed in our AMLOnline Portal so you can access at any time.

We keep things secure and streamlined with out AMLOnline Portal

Our secure AMLOnline Portal streamlines your compliance records and keeps all your records and checks in one location. This provides you with the option to complete your own due diligence checks, or if you want some help just ask us for assistance.

Awarded with the Privacy Trust Mark you can be sure information is stored with all the security and privacy required to keep your records safe.

Technical solutions for unique AML needs

In collaboration with our law clients we have created an ongoing customer due diligence solution to ensure legal companies unique AML obligations are met. 

These solutions include an alert system to prompt you when its time to re-run your PEP and sanction checks, as well as when to review the risk ratings of your ongoing client base.

We fight to make AML compliance easier for your business

We established and administer designated business groups (DBGs) as well as section 33 reliance agreements.

This allows businesses to share the AML/CFT burden in key areas such as documentation, processes, record keeping, and customer due diligence, saving you money, creating a consistent customer experience and reducing legal and reputational risk.

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