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The Strategi Group includes Strategi Compliance and the Strategi Institute who provide AML audits, compliance training, level 5 training and continual professional training for the financial services industry.


We collaborate with the Strategi Group to support excellence in AML and to lead and share knowledge on compliance and the importance of maintaining standards in the industry.


The Real Estate Institute of New Zealand is a membership organisation representing real estate professionals all around the country. It provides up-to-date market data, advisory services, continuing education and holds industry events for members to help with practical skills, strategies and development.


REINZ promotes best practice in the real estate industry and we collaborate with them to help make improvements to the AML/CFT regime for the benefit of agents and their clients. This has included advocating for changes to be made to the requirements for commercial real estate leasing transactions.

TIC is a recognised REINZ Member Benefits Supplier and we offer free onboarding, a 25% discount on AMLOnline monthly fees as well as complimentary assurance services for REINZ members.


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ACAMS is the largest international agency committed to helping people and organisations improve their AML compliance skills and knowledge with the aim of defeating financial crime.


As a strategic member, we have access to premium resources, professional AML networks and seminars to stay on top of critical AML topics emerging from around the world.

The Regional Business Partner Network

The Regional Business Partner Network connect businesses with the right resources and support to help grow and develop businesses.

As a member of the network, we seek to support organisations with their AML compliance and training requirements as well as providing expert consultation services.


The LegalTechHub is a comprehensive platform used by the legal profession and others to find companies which provide innovative and technological solutions to meet legal and compliance obligations.

You will find us listed under LegalTechHub's Compliance/AML section.

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