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This bumper edition of ATTIC magazine covers a range of topics from cryptocurrency, to compliance, to the role of DeFi in money laundering.


Alice Tregunna gives a timely warning to take care when choosing your AML partner, Andrew Tyler from Property brokers discusses implementing AML compliance in the real estate industry, and Bob Blower from Clarency discusses our financial arsenal and whether it is sufficiently developed to laser-point the right targets.

We also hear from three kick ass women as they discuss their career journey in the AML industry, and Adam Hunt Adam Hunt takes a look at the crucial role of governance and culture when implementing AML compliance processes in organisations.

Latest Edition


Another year over and a lot has gone on in the AML world. Dr AML, Alice Tregunna takes a look back, and picks the best bits from the year that was in 'the 12 days of Christmas: AML edition'. Dr Hone and Dr Quinlan from NZIWR continue the Christmas theme and give some sound advice on surviving Christmas.

With a change of topic, Diana Hawkins discusses 'labour exploitation in agriculture' and Cleo Shortland provides some tips on 'what to look for when hiring a compliance officer'. 

We've also got audit advice from Royden McGee, and tips on AML compliance with Nicola Hankinson from accountancy Bakertilly Staples Rodway.

Previous Editions


The world of AML stretches far and wide with new Kiwi Fintech company Dosh embracing AML compliance in 'digital wallets', and Dr Fiona Swee-Lin Price examining identities and providing advice on naming conventions in 'what's in a name'.

Dr AML discusses how we need to go beyond AML requirements in our battle against financial crime in 'united we stand divided we fall - no room for complacency in the fight against money laundering', and HealthNow shares its mission to provide 'accessible healthcare for everyone' in New Zealand.

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In October's issue of ATTIC we deep dive into AML compliance with private bank AML Compliance & Risk Manager Coral Erkkila in 'having a conscience with no top-down compliance culture', and John Keene lists the 'nine things you should know about RealMe'.

With the Pandora Papers hitting the news networks recently, Dr AML reviews the secrets revealed in 'Exposed: the Pandora Papers shine a light on New Zealand's AML compliance failings' and we share a chat with Jeanette Kreft on AML outsourcing in 'Beware: you can't contract out your AML obligations'.

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In September's issue of ATTIC magazine we’ve taken a look at simplifying AML compliance through open banking with Josh Daniell from Akahu, and shine a light on data security with New Zealand and the potential risk against cyber attacks.

Dr AML examines AML enforcement in your time is up: AML fines and penalties will become more commonplace in NZ if we don’t raise our game, and we sit down with Pramodya De Alwis as he shares his views on the future of digital identity in a privacy preserving ecosystem.

And don’t forget the FIU/ACAMS conference is on 26 and 27 October at Te Papa museum in Wellington with sector supervisor workshops on 28 October.

Registration closes on 1 October, but register early as on-site attendance will be limited.


August sees a jam packed edition of ATTIC magazine as we unpick CDD in the complete guide to understanding customer due diligence and move into the world of wellbeing with Dr Lucy Hone to discuss ‘sustaining high performance through uncertainty and change’.

We take 5 minutes with an expert: Sam MacGeorge and as usual we take a look around the world to report on all the latest AML activity where Interpol share their news on the recent arrests made for global trafficking and migrant smuggling.


Get ready for your next AML audit with Daniel Relf from Strategi as he discusses independent audits, do they matter? And delve into the increasingly creative ways criminals look to clean their dirty money with wine company owner Diana Hawkins in money laundering and wine.

We spend 5 minutes with an expert: Rosalind Lazar, CAMS Regional AML Director APAC ACAMS to talk about her career in AML, and we go on a TIC Co. journey with Nat Stagg as she shares her experiences and her roles at TIC from AML Analyst to Operations Manager.





In this month's edition of ATTIC magazine we speak with Nick Ashford about his pathway to AML and how it has created change at accountancy firm Withers Tsang.

We take a TIC Co journey with Jerome Cookson as he tells us about his career working in the AML industry.

An amended Explanatory Note: Electronic Identification Verification has recently been published and Dr Alice Tregunna dissects the details, urging us to remember that EIV is not CDD.


In this month's edition of ATTIC magazine we get technical and chat to Daniel Rogers from Avid AML about the role of technology in AML, how it can be used to protect businesses from being exploited by criminals trying to launder the proceeds of fraud as well as easing the burden on compliance teams.

We take 5 minutes with an expert: Andrew Weston, Chief Technology Officer at Avid AML to talk about technology trends and his career, and Andrew King from Legal Innovate gives us all the highlights from LawFest 2021.

To share all the insights into the FATF Mutual Evaluation of New Zealand report we spoke to Lloyd Kavanagh and Sam Short from MinterEllisonRuddWatts who identify all the key findings from the report and recommended actions for New Zealand.


Barrister Fiona Hall takes a look at the dark shadow of regulatory creep, Kate Beskeen shows us the terrible reality of wildlife trafficking and Strategi shows us how training is a power tool for better compliance.

We also have clinician Amy Lawrence examining the world of women who commit fraud and Cleo Shortland provides details on driving successful AML change.

As always you’ll find a bunch of industry updates at the back of the magazine and don’t forget to get your special discount to the AML Summit in May using code ATTICMAG10. 


In our March edition of the ATTIC magazine we delve into all things around cryptocurrency. Anna Rybakova from BitPrime takes us through the world of cryptocurrency, Alex McCorkindale from Easy Crypto gives us a rundown on compliance in crypto, and we spend 5 minutes with expert Andy Higgs who provides top tips on cryptocurrency and blockchain.

You’ll also find details on industry news and upcoming events, including the AML Summit in May where we provide an exclusive 10% off ticket prices when using the code ATTICMAG10. 

Our first issue of 2021, the February edition includes a feature piece from Marion Garlick who walks us through her experience creating a AML compliance programme; Raytio Founder and CEO, Cameron Beattie, gives us an insight into his knowledge of the AML/CFT world; and Julie Haggie and Mariam Mathew provide insight into dirty money and corruption in the Pacific.

December 2020

In December's issue of ATTIC magazine, we have articles from Martin Dilly who explains how to understand the risks when outsourcing your CDD obligations; Paula Milne breaks down the ambiguity within the AML/CFT Act and how to rectify this; we also have exclusive interviews and advice to enhance your AML knowledge.

October 2020

Our October edition finds leading AML/CFT lawyer Gary Hughes delving into New Zealand's most recent DIA enforcement actions; Nicola Hankinson documents New Zealand's steady progression into compliance; we interview Dale Singh on her experience in the AML world, and provide our expert advice on AML/CFT information. 

September 2020

In September's issue we pay homage to the late, great, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg and her long lasting legacy as a pioneer for women's rights. This edition also details principles for women's empowerment from Genevieve Sage, as well as interviews with Tompkins Wake and more. 

August 2020

August's issue provides tips on what to be wary of when choosing an AML auditor from Taduis Manapeyi; Andrew Weaver discusses recognising personal information as Taonga; Bindi Norwell takes us through the state of AML training in the Real Estate sector; and we have interviews and AML advice to expand your knowledge. 

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July 2020

Our July edition consists of the Privacy Commissioner, John Edwards, detailing the changes to the Privacy Act; Murray Towers explains how technological solutions benefit the AML/CFT sector; eIDV is broken down by Vincent McCartney; and we have all the up to date AML knowledge, advice, insights, and more.

November 2020

November's issue focuses on privacy, with an update on the revised Privacy Act by the Privacy Commissioner; Emma Pond breaks down how to handle to new Privacy Act; and we provide a guide on how to use goAML, along with our usual interviews and AML tips and tricks. 

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June 2020

The June issue finds Graeme Fraser delving into the nature of the Ray White Designated Business Group (DBG); Nat Stagg breaks down Covid's unprecedented impact on the AML sector; and we provide expert interviews and advice on all things AML/CFT.

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