Streamline your compliance process with our award winning AMLOnline Portal. 


Watch the video for details on all the features. 

Our AMLOnline Portal offers your compliance team a transparent, cost effective and pragmatic solution. Add on our Self Service tool and you can conduct electronic identity verification on your customer at your convenience. 

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Accessing AMLOnline

Once you are onboarded with the TIC Co. you will receive an email with your unique Online Portal login details and the link to your online CDD submission form for the rest of your team. 

What Can I Do In The AMLOnline Portal?

Through our portal you can: 

  • Submit CDD requests 

  • Run eIDV yourself 

  • Request staff vetting 

  • Assess your compliance registers 

  • View your annual report data 

  • Upload your documents from desktop or mobile 

  • Add or amend current requests

Have any questions?

Don't worry you can reach out to us for help through direct message. 

Our bespoke CDD request forms are responsive, detailing exactly the documents we require to complete customer due diligence for your transaction. Use our form on your mobile device or desktop. When using your mobile, any photos taken are immediately deleted from the requesting persons device for privacy reasons. 

Don't have all the required information yet? 

All forms can be saved with a unique password and resumed at a later date. Once completed, an email is sent to you confirming receipt. 


Our AMLOnline Portal has received the Privacy Trust Mark from the Office of the Privacy Commissioner. As the first AML outsourcing company to receive this you can rest assured your information is in the safest hands.

To ensure privacy requirements are upheld, outcome reports are only sent to your compliance officer and other authorised persons. Instantly access all your records in real-time via our AMLOnline Portal, removing all the hassle around audit time.

Biometrics with AMLOnline Portal

Haven't met with your customer yet? Our remote biometrics save time and money, ensuring liveness and likeness on individuals in any location. Results are delivered directly to your AMLOnline Portal and emailed by request. 

Our award winning databases securely stores all this information so you can search the system for documents on existing clients or review your staff vetting submissions. Further support and training is also available through our portal should you need more assistance. 

Our AMLOnline tools ensure Trust, Integrity, and Compliance are achievable and cost effective through our pragmatic client centric solutions. 

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