Trust, Integrity and Compliance.

These are not just the words which form the name of our business - we truly stand by these values.


The TIC Team

We are led by AML/CFT industry leaders who work closely with the DIA, the FIU, and other industry partners.

We are committed to developing quality research and training platforms to uphold, lead and share knowledge about AML and CFT.

Our dedicated team of AML analysts will work closely with you to carry out onboarding processes, searches and reviews.


Our Vision

Our vision is simple - we want to turn your AML obligations into an advantage for you, rather than a source of pain. We do this by creating customised tools and databases for your specific industry so you and your customers can experience smarter and easier interactions.

We have a few simple values at TIC which is how our name was borne - Trust, Integrity and Compliance.

We believe these values are achievable - simply start by trying to do the right thing.


Collaborations & Partnerships

We collaborate with others in the AML industry to help drive best practice and standards across the AML/CFT sector.

We want to help set benchmarks and share knowledge so customer onboarding and compliance across New Zealand complies with AML standards and is easy for both customers and businesses.

AML Services

We offer a comprehensive AML service which other outsourced CDD services, ID verification applications, and data management services cannot match.



Read reviews from real TIC Co. customers who are already enjoying the benefits of working with us on their AML obligations. 

"The TIC Company operates with professionalism and an unbiased approach, they communicate promptly to us, providing a clear understanding of AML/CFT requirements. I have no hesitation in recommending the TIC Co. AML obligations through the TIC Co. are not as complicated as we first thought, and through outsourcing with the TIC Co. as our AML/CFT agent we are covered you for things that we may not pick up on. The TIC Company's best practice approach ensures we are compliant first time, instead of headaches later."


Talk To Us

Give us a call us on 0800 115 121 or contact us to find out more.