These are not just the words that form the name of our business - we truly stand by those values to provide expert-led outsourced AML/CFT services.

We believe that Trust, Integrity, and Compliance doesn't have to be unachievable, simply start by trying to do the right thing.


The TIC Company was borne of frustration. Watching poorly implemented customer onboarding putting a burden on businesses and consumers alike.


Our Vision is simple - we want to turn your obligation into an advantage for you, by keeping you one foot ahead of the rest.

By specialising and making use of an array of tools and databases, we have been able to take away much of the pain, reducing the impact on you and on customers who expect much smarter interaction than traditional methods allow.



Alice Tregunna

Chief Executive Officer


Alice is a CAMS certified anti-money laundering professional with a PhD specialising in women leaders of criminal organisations. Alice has a wealth of international experience. Originally from the UK, she now lives in New Zealand (via the Netherlands, Finland, US and Macedonia) and continues to set benchmarks in the AML/CFT sector. She was a key founding member of the Trust, Integrity and Compliance Company ("TIC Company") and the ATTIC Research Institute. Currently she holds the position of CEO at the TIC Company, balancing this with her role as a lecturer at the University of Auckland and working in an advisory capacity on AML to multiple other agencies. Alice is committed to setting benchmarks and driving best practice across the AML/CFT industry.

Graeme Fraser

National Sector Manager

AREINZ Dip Bus Stud

Graeme has 27 years of experience in the real estate industry. This experience provides important day to day transactional, systems and process awareness important to getting your AML solution right. He recently researched and set up one of the largest DBG’s in NZ outsourcing AML/CFT to TICC. Graeme has a good working relationship with the DIA, the FIU, and is well known to the Real Estate Authority (REA), Real Estate Institute of New Zealand (REINZ), and across the Real Estate Industry.

Natalie Stagg

Operations Manager


Nat has an impressive background in training and public speaking. She is passionate about seeing both clients and staff succeed. Nat has a natural style and her training sessions are full of relevant, memorable case studies, which allows the audience to totally understand the message. Nat will do everything she can to support keeping New Zealand clean from Money Launderers and those involved in Terrorism Financing. AML/CFT is something that Nat is passionate about and willingly shares her thoughts and views.

Ivana Mlinac

Head of ATTIC Research Institute


Ivana coordinates our ATTIC Research Institute, and is focused on developing quality research and training platforms and content with key partners in the AML/CFT sector, government, academia, and beyond. She has her Masters in Criminology and is a Ph.D. candidate. Ivana is an experienced Research Department Specialist with a demonstrated history of working in the higher education industry. She specialises in social justice advocacy, and has a deep passion for research and believes that conducting quality research is important to make real-life impacts and changes within policy. Ivana believes that research impact and implementation is imperative to enact change.

AML Analysts

We have a dedicated team of CDD Analysts who carry out the onboarding processes, searching, reviewing, and contacting clients and customers.

Read about a Day in the Life of an analyst and other members of our team in our Online Magazine.


Interested in Joining the Team?

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